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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. you and asarid. i almost didn't get it "special report" begins online right nowt was a great night. >> "the o'reilly factor" ask on. tonight: >> violence rising in egypt and disturbing accusations about an opposition leader. >> al bar day is not a friend of the united states. he could be a figure head for the muslim brotherhood. he has no real following in egypt. >> what happens if the radical muslims fill the vacuum over there? dick morris will analyze the american options in that dangerous country. >> there is 14 and under?
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>> yes. >> if they need an abortion. >> why won't planned parenthood answer our questions about one of their nurses who advised clients on how to operate in the child sex industry? our investigation continues. >> it is inaccurate to state that the united states side of the border is overrun with violence. this statement is just plain wrong. >> and janet napolitano says everything is getting so much better down along the mexican border. but is that true? we have got a no spin fact check on the situation. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. the city of cairo is a powder keg tonight. gunfire has erupted as thousand
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of mubarak supporters clash with the opposition. we're going to have complete coverage of all angles but, first, the bushes vs. the tea party movement? that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last november president bush remarked that the tea party is good for the country. but if he really believes that why did he recently attack a key priority for many tea partiers, namely, getting our borders under control and preventing a mass amnesty for illegal immigrants? while he was out promoting his book in dallas, president bush was asked about the future prospects for comprehensive immigration reform. >> what's interesting about our country, if you study history, is that there are some isms that occasionally pop up. one is isolationism and its evil twin protectionism and evil twin nativism. if you study the 20s for example. there was an american first
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policy who says who cares what happens in europe. and there was immigration policy that i think during this period argued we had too many jews and italians therefore we should have no immigrants. by point is we have been through this period of isolationism, protectionism, nativism. i'm a little concerned that we maying going through the same period. >> laura: now as someone who was at the forefront in opposing the 2006 bush immigration reform effort, i was saddened but not all that surprised by the president's insulting characterization. let's be clear. opposition to so-called immigration reform is rooted in a belief in the rule of law and outrage over politicians who just don't seem to be all that serious about border enforcement. to say that it's really all about hostility to foreigners is ludacris. an internal poll done by the dallas tea party last year showed that 98% of its members supported arizona's tough anti-immigration law. so, are these fellow texans also
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nativists, mr. president? during an interview this week on my radio show, even senator orrin hatch, who was the original co-sponsor of the dream act, said this regarding president bush's use of the nativist charge. >> no, i don't agree with that i think american people want to be fair, but they also want to be secure and they want to make sure people abide by our laws. >> laura: of course plenty of politicians besides president bush rule of law gradual citizenship and voting rights. of course most of those people are democrats. but then there is his brother general who in a fit of compassionate conservatism called republican opposition to immigration reform, quote: wrong and stupid. now, that's an interesting way to court future g.o.p. voters, given their overwhelming opposition to amnesty, governor bush. maybe president bush was right.
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we are suffering from an outbreak of isms. elitism comes to mind. and that's the memo. now for the top story, the political crisis in egypt is growing worse and more dangerous by the hour. today, embattled president hosni mubarak supporters took to the streets in cairo. there was gunfire, violent confrontations with mubarak's opponents who want him out. mean while the obama administration says if the mubarak government instigated this violence, it has to stop immediately. is this administration doing a good job managing the uprising? let's bring in fox news political analyst dick morris who joins from us sacramento. now, dick, some conservatives out there. bob kagan and even bill kristol are saying, not fair to jump on the president here. this a fluid situation. trying to get a handle on it trying to get the right thing done in egypt. hold off on criticizing. what do you say? >> if you hold off on criticizing you could find
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yourself with the second iran collin powell said it best about iraq. he said if you break it, you own it. clearly president obama whether it's because of his words about rad radical islam, failure to condemn it. failure to name terrorism. his appeasement and very possibly outright efforts to encourage people to destabilize the mubarak regime broke egypt and he now owns it. if that government falls and if it is replaced by a muslim brotherhood organization which is closely related to hamas. the question closely just like 1952, the question was who lost china? now it's going to be who lost egypt? >> laura: i think the question is what's next? people want reform and want him out. the question is what fills that vacuum? are we sufficiently, dick,
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engaged on the ground? have we been engaged on the ground with credible secular leaders? we think of the analogy that's not all that perfect to poland and the reagan administration's nurturing of a true freedom movement in eastern europe. that was done and done over a period of years there are signs a lot of people saying this administration is bored by foreign policy and it wasn't engaged with those secular possibilities on the ground in egypt early enough. >> i think it's an allusion to say that there is a secular liberal democratic faction that can be dominant in egypt. i think that's a mirage and a camouflage being used to front man being used by the muslim brotherhood. so that they can take power and essentially create an egyptian iranian alliance that will control 45% of the population of north africa and the middle east in those two countries.
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i think what mubarak and the obama administration should be doing is aggressively confronting the demonstrators. if we encourage the military to stand down if we encourage mubarak support ares to refrain from controversy or violence, we really are opening the door to islamic fundamentalist domination. if he was so concerned about this where was he when they were doing the same stuff in iran? in iran he didn't lift a finger and there were these massive street demonstrations. is he only opposed to america's allies and not our enemies? >> laura: seems pretty good to giving hell to our friends and criticizing them quickly but the people who actually do not have america's best interest at heart and actually want to destroy and kill our enemies, it's, you know, giving them every benefit of the doubt. that's where this whole thing breaks down. there is this utopian idea this
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is all going to turn out and people are going to reach their aspirations as president obama said last night. look at these pictures we are seeing? are these people reaching their aspirations? >> we are a dominant influence with the egyptian military. we give them $1.3 billion of military aid a year. total budget of egypt is 46 billion. a huge portion of the army money comes from us. when we tell the army cool it, don't go after them, don't be aggressive, back off, let this happen, we're exercising dominant influence over what's happening there which we are going to live to regret. >> laura: meanwhile, did you see the mccain secret meeting with president obama, the two are going to sit down after john mccain's very rather kind remarks about the president, is he learning, is he learning about you have to trim spending and all of this. open up the paper today and you see they are ready to have a
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sit-down. where is the maverick? i get the maverick is back. that's the answer. >> yeah. i would call it a sell out not a maverick. but we'll see. well, dick, it's always great to see you. directly ahead, a fair and balanced response to egypt and the health care question from two liberals. then planned parenthood is refusing to answer a question after expose showing one of their nurses at abortion clinic advising clients how to operate in the child sex industry. new developments on that front coming up.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, the growing violence in egypt. the great unknown for america is who is going to fill the void when president mubarak leaves the scene. senator john mccain has questions about one of the opposition leaders. first of all al bare day is not a friend of the united states. muslim brotherhood since he has no real following in ehe has lived most of his life outside egypt. >> laura: bring on the liberal view of this payne founder of
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the egeneral da project and with me in washington maria a former advisor to hillary clinton. ladies, good to see you. maria, how would you grade president obama's response thus far from beginning to where we are now? >> i think he has done a terrific job, frankly, laura, as you know, this is one of the most difficult positions that a president can be in. i think he has been very calibrated, as he should be. using secretary clinton to be front and center on, this as that should be as well. they have focused on the key messages of making sure that whatever happens in egypt. clearly that has not happened in the last couple days. they condemn any violence. talking about the necessity of making sure that our priorities are universal core values of making sure the protesters, the people of egypt's voices are the ones being heard and that transition needs to happen now. >> erica, go to you on, this the voices of the people in egypt, it's kind of hard to figure out what that is ultimately going to look like when it comes to an elected official, right?
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what we know is there is a wave of islamism which is moving across the middle east. you see it bubbling up in tunisia, even jordan worried about this now with the firing of the deputy prime minister. now here with the muslim brotherhood. with its history of wanting war against israel. what we know it does to minorities, christians, what it believes about christians. how do we square in any way a government that could have a major presence, perhaps, of the muslim brotherhood resulting from all of this? how is that something we can support? is that part of our imrferl core values? >> i don't think supporting a leader who tomps his people is part of our core values either. that's what we have done for 30 years. frankly when dick morris says that we want to go in there and aggressively confront the protesters, i just think he is coming from an old school of thought about national security
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that has been proven to be incorrect. historically we have supported dictators who repress their people, who tortured their people, who had secret police. it's time we learned that you know, in the heart of everyone is, you know, someone who wants to have political freedom and the ability to have economic freedom. it's what george bush talked about. you know, i didn't think i would very often agree with george bush. he says democracy resides in the heart of everyone. the students are out there doing. this not an islamic regime. >> laura: i'm not here to defend believe me hose any mubarak. next step obviously, where do we go next? really, i'm kind of waiting for this speech from president obama. because he did the big cairo speech. why not a speech about the threat that islamism really, i think, shows us in the way it treats people. islamism presents a threat to
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true freedom. true liberty. true freedom of expression. i think that would be a powerful statement. and, actually, go a long way to allaying the concerns of people like me, we have a direction here and it's not that direction. >> i think you are right in terms of everybody wanting to hear that and i can tell you from the standpoint of this white house and this administration they believe that as well. the issue is, as you know, laura, these things are complicated. it has to be calibrated. i think one thing that we have to keep in mind here, this uprising has happened very organically. these are people on the streets of egypt that want freedom. that want their voices heard. i think they would understand what a fundamentalist radical islamist government would mean to them. and it's not what they want. they want real democracy. they want real freedom. they want their voices to be heard this has got to happen from the ground up. this has got to be a decision that the egypt makes not the
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united states. >> laura: see what i mean about islamism. a speech talking about what islamism. worry about gay rights, how about what they do to gay people, what they do to christians. >> absolutely. >> laura: this is something we are hung gering for, at least i am. >> yeah, i think we get into really tough areas here. we have to remember that this country is founded on this idea that you can worship how you want to worship. a lot of people in this country i disagree with. there are people who blow up abortion clinics. there are people who protest gay funerals and all of that makes me sick. the fact of the matter is we have got to support people's ability to have a robust democracy and trust that all those voices will come together where they should. >> this is a beginning, laura. it's an evolution. >> laura: out of time. complicated for sure. >> thank you. >> up next, pro-life investigator who exposed a nurse at planned parenthood giving advice how to operate in the underage sex trade. she is getting death threats.
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we will speak to her. janet napolitano who say mexican border violence is bad are kind of playing politics. is it safe on the southern border or not? those reports coming up. ?x?oñ7 6ú
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment, last night the factor showed you undercover video from a planned parenthood abortion clinic. in it, one of the nurses gives advice to two people who are posing as a pimp and a prostitute running a child sex ring.
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>> laura: late last night, planned parenthood announce they had fired the woman in that videotape but now they refuse to come on the factor and answer our questions about what exactly happened. yet another development happened the activists film makers who made the undercover tape now say they are getting death threats because of the planned parenthood sting. with us now is one of those film maker fers, lila rose president of live action a pro-life media organization. lila, the planned parenthood response fire that woman but to say they tried to get us at all these other clinics. we reported this to the justice department. this is just an employee gone bad. >> planned parenthood claims they made reports. but that was only after and they
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say this themselves they became suspicious it was live action doing the investigation. what we have documented, laura, is across the board. we have been documenting this for years now. they cover up institutionally planned parenthood is covering up sexual abuse of minors and now it goes as far as aiding and abetting a prostitution ring. >> laura: in this sting you were not the person posing as the prostitute in this particular video. in it the worker looking a blind eye toward individuals clearly doing something contrary to federal law which is trafficking in children sexually. what's your take about this as a general viewpoint of planned parenthood. obviously they are coming out and saying this isn't us. we are clear. we are not going to do anything to violate federal law. are you thinking this is rampant through planned parenthood. >> definitely. that's why we are doing this project. we have known for years now, ever since my first undercover investigation since i was 18, it's been four years since then. we documented the awould you say
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at these clinics. they are interested in streamlining secret abortion processes and aiding ultimately and aabetting these abusers. sending these girls back to the abusers. >> laura: canned punt -- can't d out because they are ♪ submitting paperwork. >> they are claiming live action went into their clinics and saying how dare they? they are making it about us. >> laura: headlines in the "the washington post" and "new york times" does focus on you guys. you are releasing hidden videotapes. you lila rose are on this attempt to shut down abortion in the united states. is that your goal to shut down abortion in the united states if you could. >> one of the goals to end abortion. it's the greatest human rights abuse of our time. need to protect the unborn citizens of our time. abuse of these young mothers abused sexually. we are turning the focus there. and the response of planned parenthood is to cover up the
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cover up. try to keep the truth from being told. >> laura: how much money does planned parenthood make on the abortion procedure itself. >> it's depressing to say 50600 a thousand fending on late the abortion is. >> laura: what's the aim. >> total they make dozens of millions of dollars off of abortion. then they receive a third of their billion-dollar budget in tax dollars. >> laura: we will have a gust on this. this goes to reproductive health it doesn't go straight to abortion. they are prohibited from using this money with the abortion procedure. this money is legally given to them through title 10; is that right? >> laura, it all goes in the same pot. lawyer spongeable. >> that money is used to hire managers like the one aiding and abetting this pimp. money used to set up systems streamline secret services provided for sex abuse victims without reporting it. that money is ultimately used to support law breaking and abuse cover up.
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that's what needs to stop. >> laura: the numbers of black babies being aborted in the united states is a heart breaking 30% of all portions done are black children. similarly staggering high numbers of latino children being aborted in the united states. what are you finding when a sonogram is seen by a young girl, when she is able to see a sonogram and be told what it is she is looking at? what's the percentage of those girls who go through with an abortion? do you have any figures on that? >> yes there are statistics out there as many as 80% of women given that opportunity to be given a different idea about something they can do if they get pregnant to be given that opportunity to see the facts, the medical facts to see if this sun born child even in the first trimester developing a heart beat at four weeks, has little arms and legs by ten weeks all limbs are developed. if they have that chance, so many women want something better than abortion. give that child a chance and have a life for themselves and for their child. >> laura: i'm always stunned by
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lila is the media's coverage of the march for life. now, this happens every year, it's the longest running march of any kind in the united states of america. and the coverage is always in the metro section of the "the washington post." and they focus on the gaggle of anti-march protesters, the proabortion folks. yet, the young people, these high school kids, college kids, this is a young crowd that's out there. i think if they were marching for politically correct rights they would probably get a lot of coverage but not so much. >> remarkable. 19-degree weather with the rest of them. hundreds of thousands of people in d.c. on the streets. the media coverage is almost nothing. this has been going on for years. people have been standing up for the rights of the unborn, for mothers and the media won't report on it because they are afraid of the grass roots speaking out. >> laura: covering cairo is fine. let's cover protests in our own country as well. speak to a planned parenthood supporter with another point of view. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening.
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janet napolitano will say the system is working down on the mexican border. people who say violence is out of control are just playing politics. okay, janet. and we will take a look at the stats and facts on the ground. please student to those reports.
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>> laura: continuing now with factor investigation. we invited planned parenthood on the program tonight and they
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refused. you should know planned parenthood receives $360 million every year from you the american taxpayer. joining us now from new york is jehmu. what happened here? the initial focus when planned parenthood was confronted with this was to kind of dismiss it as a quote hoax and kind of targeting what lila rose was doing and her group and this is all an agenda-driven thing. and now they came out with a statement saying essentially that what this clinic worker did in facilitating the activities of a child sex trafficker was repugnant. so, it can't be something that's repugnant if it's a hoax, right? >> laura, i hope we is k. have as meaningful discussion as you and lila just h we have to start off with the facts. planned parenthood has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to these type of actions.
5:33 am
as we saw they fired the employee who was included in that videotape. but, that's not, i think, the bigger issue here as probably many of your girlfriends are aware and lila's girlfriends are aware. planned parenthood is a valuable health care provider for millions of american women in this country. across 820 health centers i don't think it is fair to point to the actions of one employee who was swiftly fired when these allegations came up and compare that to the tens of thousands of planned parenthood employees that provide mammograms, that provide birth control advice. you know the average person who goes -- >> laura: why do you start with mammograms and birth control when the money that they make is overwhelmingly from either the federal government, you and me, or from the abortion procedure? so, yeah they do all these other things, absolutely.
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they make all their money from abortion. if it weren't for abortion, they would not have what is almost a billion-dollar a year budget. a third of which comes from the taxpayers. >> lawyer, -- laura, here is the reality, the average person who walks into a planned parenthood health care center is a young woman who does not have health insurance and she needs birth control. that's where so many of their services are focused. i can remember when i was in school, my friends who relied on planned parenthood centers as really their only source of health care. we can't deny that, that valuable role and that trusted relationship that they have with their communities, with their patients and with their families. what lila and her organization is doing, we have to call this what it is, they are trying to. >> laura: investigative reporting. >> they are trying to have the biggest government intrusion ever into a woman's decision between her, her family, and a
5:35 am
doctor about a medical decision. that's their bottom line is to attack planned parenthood. >> laura: why does the american taxpayer pay $360 million to planned parenthood when it makes hundreds of millions off the abortion procedure? >> not one penny of tax dollars goes to abortions. now, i'm confused as to why a young woman who is so passionate who is so so passionate about people who are young women who are being sexually assaulted, if she was seriously going after women who were being sexually assaulted, then i think you and lila would actually join a really important campaign right now where congress has made it their third policy priority. >> laura: do you think 14-year-old girls should be able to go into planned parenthood and get abortion. >> they are trying to redefine what rape is rape is not -- statutory rape is not defined as rape. and that is something that i think if you really care about young women being sexually
5:36 am
assaulted, then join this campaign. >> laura: doesn't make your point any more valid about why you say. >> define rape. >> laura: what other right enshrined in our constitution should be rare? >> laura,. >> laura: obama says it could be safe legal and rare. what other right should be rare? >> the right that i have to make a medical decision with my doctor and with my family is a right that women across this country will fight for and that planned parenthood fights for. >> laura: that's fine. you can't name one. >> the last time lila was here on "the o'reilly factor" and you had a substantive discussion about young women being sexually assaulted and seems to really care about these women right now congress is about to vote on redefining rape and make it where a victim of statutory rape is not considered a victim.
5:37 am
>> laura: no one is going to get anything out of this segment if one filibustered the other. >> i hope what they get out of it, laura is that these 820 health care centers. >> laura: gentlemen knew, if you want to talk, we will talk. the bottom line is without the abortion procedure, planned parenthood would not have a lion's share of its own budget. >> that's wrong. >> laura: it depends on keeping woorgses going in the united states. >> you are absolutely wrong. >> laura: planned parenthood would probably be out of business in short order. i appreciate it. >> millions of women would lose their health care and that cannot happen. >> laura: 30% of black babies being albertoed in the united -- aborted in the united states. new york city those statistics were disturbing. 30% of abortions i should say are black children. >> that's a talking point to try to make sure that the government intrudes on the right to make a decision with my doctor about a medical decision. that's the wrong direction that people will stand up against. >> laura: i would rather have them here listening to the
5:38 am
conversation we are having. that's just me. jehmu, i appreciate it thanks. janet napolitano says violence on the medical border are not out of control. do the stats tell the whole story. factor classic. o'reilly and late night comedian david letterman. you do not want to miss that show down. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call. i really could use some more life insurance. is it affordable? it costs less t that's pretty affordable, huh? less than 35 cents a day? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp. so, you said it was guaranteed acceptance? yes. it's permanent coverage with guaranteed acceptance
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there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem
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segment tonight, this week homeland security secretary janet napolitano was down in el paso, texas and told a group of people that the system is working down in the mexican border. >> the verdict is that our approach is working. we have strengthened the southwest border in ways that many did not think possible. and our partnership with mexico along the border is very strong. it is inaccurate to state as too many have, that the united states side of the border is overrun with violence or out of control. this statement often made to score cheap political points is just plain wrong. >> laura: with us now sarah carter national security correspondent for "the washington examiner" and noreen national director of the national immigration forum. let me start with you, i checked out the huffington post before i came on, they are actually
5:42 am
complaining that the obama administration is being too tough on immigration. that they are trodding out these eoccasional raids. they are putting more manpower on the border and not focusing on other problems that we have in the united states. so the left is actually criticizing the obama people. >> well, there are two things here. one that the only thing this administration has done as enforced immigration law. they have deported deported of e people than the bush administration. nearly 800,000 people. they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on border security. you have seen apprehension on the border go down as a result. but real border security solutions haven't been put into place and immigration reform hasn't moved forward. yes, we are not happy because all this administration has done and all this congress has done is enforce immigration law instead of fixing immigration law. >> laura: janet napolitano says political. i guess everything is hunky doory on the border. >> i have bipartisan letters from mayors to san diego to brownsville representing
5:43 am
7 million people. they say in this letter claims that are border cities are out of control are just not true. so,. >> laura: how many are these guys are elected? they need to get eelected. has been ham some skin in this game. go to sarah on this. i know you have done reporting on border violence. that missionary shot in the back of the head last week, she has been doing the work for years, 59 years old in mexico. obviously we know about the murders and killings, 15,000 dead alone in this drug violence. tell us what you know. >> look, come on, the letter that you have from the mayors, i mean, this is all about business in mexico. this administration as well as past administrations know that if they keeper petiating the lie that the border is safe, they hope that eventually the american people will buy it. well, people aren't buying it. we have a border patrol agent killed. just last month. mr. brian terry, 40 years old killed on a group with a group of border patrol agents trying to stop thugs in arizona who were going after immigrants.
5:44 am
you don't have a group of thugs working inside the united states to rob illegal immigrants crossing into the country if you don't have a serious problem. i mean, even within the hour that we'll be doing this show, the hour that this show is on the air, 500 people will try to enter the united states illegally and will enter illegally. look, the border is not secure. i'm not saying that the administration isn't doing a stronger, more forceful job on the border than the past administration, but we know that mexico, the crime is rising, the violence is escalating. 35,000 deaths in mexico over the last four years. that's not something to sneeze at. that's a lot more than what we are seeing in afghanistan and iraq. >> i would agree with sarah. there is a real problem in mexico. that is mexico's problem and i know our government is working to help mexico. but, on our side of the border, because we are a sovereign nation and we believe in border security, we want to safe community. and one of the things that sarah mentioned is immigrants who are here illegally, they are being
5:45 am
taken advantage of. the reason there are thugs anywhere in the country is because we haven't fixed our immigration system. >> laura: i have this odd conception of things. i think you should actually enforce the laws that are on the books. i know it's out of control to think that we had an illegal immigrant pleading guilty in northern virginia last week of raping a 24-year-old carlos hernandez of raping a little girl in chesapeake, virginia, rape, abduction, sentencing is going to be in june. these are the stories that keep bubbling up. dwi's, rapes, these are illegal immigrant criminal activity. my question to you and this is a factual one. i'm not coming at this right now as a border enforcement person just factually, how do you weed out those who are raping raping, killing, running people over and dwi's with the hard working cabbage picker in california, how do you do that. >> nobody wants that person in their community the rapist or drug dealer be nobody does.
5:46 am
a hay stack of 11 million people. in that hay stack number of needles bad bad people who need to be thrown out. shrink the hay stack requiring people to get right with the law. legalize status. go through criminal background check, pay their taxes. without shrinking the hay stack, these kind of things are going to happen because our law enforcement is completely overwhelmed. >> laura: george bush and jeb bush is with you. >> exactly. it's a samardzija thing to do. >> laura: that was my talking points memo. go ahead, sarah. >> we can't shrink the hay stack when we don't no who is here. we can't say who is here and who isn't here. we just don't know. we give a guestimated number, 11 million. that's a guess. we don't know who is here. that what s. what makes our border so insecure. politicizing this on both sides. this administration as well as past administration. this is all because of immigration reform. janet napolitano said just last month when brian terry was killed that the border was not secure. that there was a problem at the
5:47 am
border. then this month all of a sudden it's secure. i don't know what happened between last month and this month. >> laura: yeah. i think janet napolitano has given some mixed signals on this to say the least a poll done last april, this is a poll of another opinion research corporation, said that 66% of americans say that the u.s. should not make it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens. 33% disagree with that 42% of democrats say they question the path to citizenship for illegallies and that number drops to 33% for independents. 42% of democrats want it easier. i think the country is very skeptical about moving forward on this. >> you also see consistently 70% to 80% saying they want the federal government to act. >> laura: 9. will% unemployment. tough absorbing people who also want jobs here. nice to sigh. factor favorite. bill o'reilly, david letterman face to face. right back with that.
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>> laura: factor flashback segment tonight, you know you are in for some fun when o'reilly goes in for a chat with david letterman. here is what happened the last time the two got together. >> you look to me like you lost a little weight. >> i have been working out, you know. >> when you work out, what do you do. >> sit ups, pushups. >> how much pushups can you do. >> 50. >> i can do 50 pushups. >> that's impressive. i have to stay strong. [ laughter ] >> talk to to me about the guy a month ago, georgia, mississippi, missouri, wherever he was, who was going to burn copies of the koran? >> that nut in florida? >> yeah. >> florida. >> this guy in florida, is he a loon, all right? but the wikileaks guy, is he no loon. i mean, this is a concerted
5:52 am
effort to do damage to the united states. >> speaking of doing damage, what the hell happened over there on "the view"? what was going on? [ laughter ] my god, bill give me a call, please. >> you know, guy on there, and i'm there just like i'm on here to sell a book, you know, get a little publicity from people who might not watch the factor. >> factor. [ laughter ] >> extraordinarily popular show but not everybody watches it. so i figure i reach some people on "the view." >> you must know barbara walters. >> i have known her for long time. i go on. not thinking there is going to be a big deal. i know joy behar doesn't like me. whoopi, depends what day it is. we get to debating on the ground zero mosque and i say, you know, and they go why do people object to it because i go muslims killed us, that's why. it's not an appropriate spot. they go wild. you know what i was thinking when that happened when they got up and walked out. i was thinking this is great.
5:53 am
this is terrific. i hope they all leave. then i will take the whole show. i have 45 minutes of abc air time. >> i didn't think they should have walked off. you got skin and fight for what you believe. you wouldn't walk off your own show, would you. >> no. but i would walk off yours. [ laughter ] >> i think mayor bloomberg, events a different view than that. >> 70% of the american people agree with me according to all the polls. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> that's a lie! >> right now everybody is scared. they don't know what's going to happen. companies aren't hiring. banks aren't lending. if they have some kind of consistency that they know for two years here are the tax rates, that's going to loosen things up a little bit. that's the most important thing. [ applause ]
5:54 am
>> please hold your applause until he says something that i understand. [ laughter ] if you don't mind, thank you. >> bill: statute of limitation has run out on the bush administration being blamed. >> says who? >> bill: me. [ applause ] i think most people would. >> i don't think so. >> bill: it's time for barack obama to stand on his own two feet. either he does or he doesn't. >> my god, he has come into a house that's been condemned for eight years. he is standing on his own two feet. holy crap the plumbing is gone. the fireplace doesn't work. there is rats in the attic. the garage is going to blow up. [ applause ] >> bill: can i rebut that? >> sure. if you think you can. >> all right. i will try. new poll out today? 52% of americans say they are worse off now than they were when bush left office. [ applause ] >> i mean, it's the same thing
5:55 am
with bleeding to death. it starts out as a cut. i got a little cut here. i have opened an artery. oh, look, it's just a little cut. come and see me six weeks from now and see how i'm doing if it's not been bandaged. by god i'm going to bleed to death. you blow hard! [ applause ] >> this is so much fun, i can't tell you. [ laughter ] >> o'reilly and letterman, a true classic. and now for some housekeeping with february 14th just around the corner, you can get my valentine's day inscriptions from my book the obama diaries, go to laura and pinheads and patriots on deck. tonight featuring a surprising side of mitt romney, the potential presidential candidate as you have never seen him before. @vc
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mittñi romney went on david lettermanñi's show looking >> presenting tonight's top 10 list pleaseñr welcome mitt#i romney!ñi [ applause ]çóñrñiñiñiñfi ñiçóçóñr >> aim the guy inñi theñr photo
5:58 am
framfr.c( >>ñçóçó numberçó 6. lookñiçóçóñr? >>ñi number 5.çó schoolñi i wasñi voted --ñiñiñiçóñiñi >>ñi number two. >> i have,(áá5q&y noñi ydwátñi whereñi myñrñiñi birth certifici
5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. february 3, 2011. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time. violence reaching new levels overnight in egypt as tanks started firing now on protesters. >> and president hosni mubarak refuses to step down early. a live report just moments away. >> meanwhile, the massive snowstorm still on the move wreaking havoc across the united states. drivers in their cars literally standing on end. where the worst is yet to come straight ahead. >> plus after four years of


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